Quality Policy

April 2018



 It is the purpose of Mirage Machines Ltd. to supply outstanding products and services to its customers which fully satisfy their requirements and all associated statutory regulations. The organisation aims to demonstrate and achieve the highest standards of quality in all outputs and interactions with customers and visitors to its facilities.

The business and its management are committed to the long-term continual improvement of:

  • The products and services it offers customers
  • The Quality Management System (QMS) it employs to delivery these (accredited to ISO 9001)

Mirage Machines will implement robust quality systems and invest in building the relevant business capabilities and competences. It will establish clear goals and quality objectives which will cascade through the organisation. Ensuring all staff are aware of their contributory role in quality, through the delivery of skills, tools and accountability to empower employees to drive continual improvement. 

The Mirage QMS sets out the organisation, its procedures and associated documentation, employed to manage and control its business. The effectiveness of processes will be measured to manage performance and identify opportunity for improvement.

The Mirage Quality Management System enables us to:

- Be recognised as a ‘Zero Accident’ Global Company.

- Be acknowledged as a World Class Manufacturer of Portable Machine Tools

- Ensure our customer’s requirements have been fully understood and met 

- Meet financial commitments

- Work to reach a target of “Zero Defects” through:

- Consistent execution, implementation and ownership of a robust corrective actions system

- Adoption of a proactive approach through preventative action, by identifying and addressing the root cause of issues, eliminating reoccurrence

- Ensure all complaints are dealt with efficiently and within an acceptable time period

- Comply with the requirements of appropriate legislation, industry standards and other optional requirements, employing best practices where appropriate

- Drive a Continuous Improvement Culture, involving every team member via adoption of the Actuant Group’s LEAD strategy

The Senior Management Team recognises its Management Systems are an integral part of our business and commits to their continual improvement. Therefore, this quality policy will be reviewed annually. 


Richard Silk

Managing Director