Subsea Pipe Cutting 

To remove a 512 metre length of pipeline from the sea bed at a depth of 50 metres. The pipe material was 12" diameter ‘Super Duplex’, with a 1" wall thickness.

Location: Saudi Arabia

Equipment: The Mirage MDWS620 Diamond Wire saw wihich has a feed stroke 26" and is capable of cutting 20" diameter pipe.

Business Results

  • With the diamond wire traveling at 1200 metres per minute at a feed rate set at 8mm per minute, each cut was completed in approximately 40 minutes.
  • 22 cuts were made along the pipeline within 72 hours, enabling the pipe to be brought up on deck in 23m sections.
  • Support was provided by a Mirage engineer who supervised the cutting operations and provided hands-on assistance.

Related products and accessories required to carry out operations such as this one include;

  • Power Packs
  • Topside Hoses
  • Spooled Umbilicals
  • Deployment Baskets
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