Heat Exchanger Repair


Mirage were asked to provide a machine to machine both sides of heat exchangers up to 3m diameter. Our standard flange facing machine range were supplied with specially designed mounting and jacking plates that were clamped to the heat exchanger with expanding bolts and then centralised and levelled prior to mounting the machine.

Machine Used:

MR2200 to machine heat exchanger division plate slot.



Job Description:

Mirage supplied a standard 2 axis MR2200 that was centralise to the division slot that had badly corroded and required welding and re machining to original specification in situ.

The machine has a two bolt mounting system that allows both fast mounting and also fast alignment. The machine is then levelled and aligned from the flange face and the division plate re-machined. Time savings are large because in most cases the exchanger can be left in place or bought into a work shop and the tubes can be left in place.

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