Large Capacity Orbital Milling


Machine diameters of 4.5m for ship & vessel refurbishment.

Machine Used:

Mirage OM4500 and further OM6000.


South East Asia - various locations.

Job Description:

Having been a Mirage client for 15 years, they required the capability to machine diameters of 4.5m. An OM4500 was supplied to them gaining them immediate success in securing contracts with fabricators for large flanges machines to high accuracy and flatness. This work also promoted the requirement for a larger machine and in response Mirage developed the OM6000 for Goltens work on ship thruster flanges and thruster fabricated housings.

A Mirage technician also provided specialist support for the commissioning, set-up and operation of this machine, as required, at the customer site on a secured contract.

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