Vessel Nozzle Weld Profiles


Large 5m diameter vessels with heavy schedule 120mm plate thickness pipe required holes and weld preparations to be made for the nozzles. A prep would be traditionally flame cut and then hand ground to the required angle or profile. Mirage developed a system to mechanically cut the weld profile on the vessel.


Saudi Arabia


Mirage VNWP1000 weld prep tool with magnetic clamping.


For the weld prep, the VNWP1000 was mounted onto the vessel using the magnetic mounts and the cutter was stepped manually down in 8mm steps and rotated with the head capable of being set at the required angle to enable 95% completion of the profile.


Since this case study Mirage have developed a completely autonomous CNC gantry milling system to cut and prep the hole, with features listed below:

  • PC software controlled with user friendly program interface
  • Industrial standard servo driven axis controls
  • Cut and profile at the same setting
  • No requirement for “flame cutting”
  • Quick chain clamp mounting
  • Any angle operation
  • Covers any nozzle diameter up to 1m in any vessel diameter
  • Profile tools available for J’ preps
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