MCT250 Casing Threading Machine

An externally mounted casing threading tool for machining or repairing in situ all types of API tapered buttress make up threads.

7 – 10” ( 177 – 254mm)


  • Taper turning slide
  • Tool slide for standard API form inserts
  • Continuously engaged threading slide
  • Quick set casing centraliser
  • Adjustable clamping jaws

Technical Specifications

Minimum Turning / Threading Diameter 177mm 7”
Maximum Turning / Threading Diameter 254mm 10”
Minimum Clamping Diameter 175mm 6.8”
Maximum Clamping Diameter 254mm10”
Toolpost Travel 254mm 10”
R.P.M Min: 3 Max: 12
Drive – Hydraulic 5.0 Hp 3.73 Kw
Hydraulic Requirements @ 70 Bar 60 Lpm 13 Gal / Min
Feed Rates
Facing Feed Rate / Rev 0.32mm 0.012”
Threading Feed Rate Pitch (fixed) 5.08mm 5 Tpi
Optional Screws for: - 8 Tpi
Machine Weight
Shipping Weights & Dimensions

The machine is supplied complete with toolkit including tools and inserts, air filter lubricator and hose connection, all required mounting bases and extensions, storage / shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.