GM3000 Rental Gantry Mill Kit

A linear rail kit to convert a 2 axis milling machine to a large area 3 axis milling machine in-situ. Used for heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, ship building, turbine split lines and many more.


  • Linear rails with precision carriages
  • Simultaneous twin ball screw feed
  • Mount existing milling equipment
  • New magnet mounting available
  • Auto feed X and Y axis

Technical Specifications

Model A STROKE B (standard) C
GM3000 3300mm (130”) 3000mm (120”) 2200mm (86”) 3300mm (130”)

Dimension B is governed by the length of the Milling machine used with the Gantry Mill.

Feed Rates
No feed rate information available.
Machine Weight
No weight information available.
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Model Length Width Height Weight
GM3000 3460mm (136”) 500mm (20”) 250mm (10”) 600 kg (1320 lbs)

The machine is supplied complete with toolkit including air filter lubricator and hose connection (when required), all required bolts and connector shafts, storage / shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.