Gantry Milling – 3rd Generation Advancements

Mirage’s OM range of orbital milling machines have now been extended to an impressive 8m (>26ft) diameter machining capability with the addition of the OM8000.

Large Scale Orbital Milling Kit Developments

This 8m (OM8000) machine follows on from the success of our existing 6m (20ft) machine, which has already built an enviable track record in the shipbuilding industry, completing machining work on ship thruster mounting flanges and housing fabrications, where repeatable tolerances to 0.25mm flatness at a 5m diameter were achieved across the flange width. You can read more about our OM6000 in operation in our case study.

‘Our orbital milling machines have been delivering impressive results for our clients across a range of industries for many years, but now we can offer application up to an 8m diameter, which enables an even wider range of applications to be performed. The results we’re seeing from our OM8000 really show what this machinery can offer.’ Richard Silk.


You can find out more about our complete OM range of orbital milling machines here.