Mirage Kit Runner up at World Oil Awards

2012 saw a highly successful partnership between Mirage and Acteon sister company Claxton, for the development of a subsea drilling and pinning machine. 
Mirages in-house design team worked tirelessly to design, develop and manufacture this specialist equipment which enables the recovery of oil rig conductors and casing strings without the need for extensive diver intervention.

Integrating both proven Mirage technology and cutting edge design, we developed a project specific solution. Our SDU (Single Drill Unit) and DDU (Double Drill Unit) machines offer significant safety benefits to the user, through reduced reliance on divers and improved efficiency of the drilling and pinning operation. Alongside the safety improvements are impressive time and cost savings – reducing time on site from days to hours, leading to a significant cost saving in man hours. Now successfully used on site exclusively by Claxton, these machines are now available as part of Mirages standard product range.

In October 2012, the machine was a runner up at the World Oil Awards, attended by Claxton, in the Health, Safety, and Environment / Sustainable Development Offshore Award category. A great accolade for the Mirage design team, whose innovative thinking and engineering acumen created yet another market leading piece of machinery.

"A piece of our kit being nominated for an award at such a prestigious event is a great feeling. We specialise in meeting challenges that others can’t, and our team being recognised for their designs is recognition that they deserve." Richard Silk.