Trunnion Machining

Mirage have developed a portable lathe for machining worn diameters on ball mill trunnions...

Mirage was approached by a customer to develop a portable lathe for machining operationally damaged ball mill trunnions up to 3m diameter and 900mm axial length, with the capability to set the machine concentric to an available unit/work piece datum. The axial facing arm also has the capability to be set at the original unit/work piece angle from the theoretical centre line and compare to available unit/work piece datum`s (non-worn /original machined areas).

The Mirage series of portable lathes have the capability to machine in-situ operational damaged diameters on ball mill trunnions and bearing journals, from 900mm up to 3m in diameter, with an axial facing arm to cater for up to 900mm journal length (from the machine mounting face) and angular adjustment available for varying trunnions/journals. The Mirage machine features a series of mounting plates to aid concentricity, tolerances and surface finishes. A series of internal axial arms and mounting systems have also been developed to enable machining internal tapered diameters.

The trunnion machine saves the operator considerable cost and time, by removing the need to move the complete trunnion assembly in to a machine shop, while also improving equipment availability, reducing manpower and prolonguing equipment life.

Mirage excels at meeting difficult challenges in conditions where others can't rise to the challenge. Our portable machine tools offer time and efficiency savings while maintaining quality and machining in-situ.