Heat Exchanger Back Facing Kit - Manual

A heat exchanger back facing kit that fits onto Mirage flange facing and orbital milling machine models.The kit enables the accurate facing of heat exchangers with an auto facing feed. (No axial auto-feed). It configures a machine toolpost for machining of the back face of a tube sheet.


  • Machines standard ASME 16.5 gramophone finish
  • Attaches to existing facing arm and easily returned back to original mode.
  • Precision linear rails
  • Auto facing feed
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Technical Specifications

Your Machine Model Part No of kit required Max Machining Diameter
MM860i MM1000i-22 630mm
MM1000i MM1000i-22 800mm
MM1080i MM2000i-263390mm
MM1500i MM1500i-22 1330mm
MM2000i MM2000i-26 1760mm
MM3000i MM2000i-26 2950mm
MM600ie MM2000i-26 1480mm
MM1080ie MM2000i-26 3520mm
OM (complete range) OM8000-8
Tool Post Travel (all machine models) 100mm 4”
Maximum Reach (under surface arm) 400mm 16”
Toolpost Swivel 360°
Machine Weight
Kit Weight Only 25 Kgs 55 Lbs
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Shipping Weight 55 Kgs 77 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions L - 46cm - (18”) W - 40cm - (16”) H - 25cm - (10”)

The machine is supplied complete with toolkit, all required bolts, toolkit, storage / shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.