Orbital Milling Kit

An orbital milling kit to transform the standard single point flange facing machine into a circular milling machine. The kit comprises of a reduction drive, milling quill type spindle, adapter plate and 4 way distributor.


  • Quick set up, reduction drive
  • Direct drive quill type milling spindle
  • Hydraulic distributor

Technical Specifications

Machine Orbital Kit Part No
MM1000i - (6-40”) Flange Facing Machine MM1000i-10
MM1500i - (12-60”) Flange Facing Machine MM1500i-10
MM2000i - (24-80”) Flange Facing Machine MM2000i-9
MM3000i - (45-120”) Flange Facing Machine MM3000i-7
MM600ie - (0-80”) Flange Facing Machine MM600ie-16
MM1080ie - (0-120”) Flange Facing Machine MM1080ie-14
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Typical Shipping Weight 65Kg 143 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions 60cm (24”) 50cm (20”) 30cm (12”)

Reduction drive, milling spindle, adapter plate and oil distributor.