RTJ Measuring Kit

RTJ measuring kit for the MM300e, MM600e external mount machines and MM860i, MM1000i and MM1500i internal mount machines.


  • RTJ precision dial indicator groove measurement
  • Measures with machine in place
  • Transportable carrying case

Technical Specifications

Machine RTJ Kit Part No
MM1000i - (6-40”) RTJM1000
MM1500i - (12-60”) RTJM1500
MM300e - (0-12”) RTJM600
MM600e - (0-24”) RTJM600
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Typical Shipping Weight 25Kg 55 Lbs
Typical Shipping Dimensions 60cm (24”) 25cm (10”) 7.5cm (3”)

Supplied in transportable box with extension rods, horse shoe, radius gauges and depth micrometer.