T725 ( 0 - 7.25") Portable Tapping Machine

A portable heavy duty tapping machine for all general purpose on site tapping and flange stud tapping. The machine has precise control features to enable blind or through hole tapping over a range of sizes.

Drilling Range: 0.0 - 7.3" Stroke: 0.0 - 13.0"


  • High torque reduction drive
  • Quick key hole mounting system
  • Capable of tapping blind and through holes
  • Available with either pneumatic or hydraulic drive

Technical Specifications

Maximum tapping diameter without nose bush 185mm 7.28"
Maximum diameter through nose bush 190mm 7.48"
Centralising location diameter 191mm 7.52”
Standard stroke 330mm 13"
RPM Min 1 Max 11
Drive – Hydraulic @ 70 bar (1050 p.s.i) 4.3 Hp 5.8Kw
Hydraulic supply required 40 L/min 8.8 gal/min
Machine weight103kgs227lbs
Pneumatic Drive 2.7kw3.6Hp
Pneumatic Supply Required (Max)3500L/min6.5bar
Machine Weight 98kgs216lbs
Machine Weight
Machine weight 142 kgs 313 lbs
Shipping dimensions L – 82cm – (33”) W- 59cm (24”) H- 60cm (24”)

The machine is supplied complete with toolkit including hose connection, motor & couplings, all required mounting base bolts, storage / shipping box, CE certificate, Packing list and Manual.