Compact Flange Machining

A range of internally and externally mounted products for compact flange machining which can be used for accurate machining of the taper angles specific to compact flanges.

For machining compact flanges, you can choose from 2 solutions:

  • Complete machines built specifically for machining compact flanges.
  • Conversion kits for a selection of our flange facing machines.

Conversion kits

The conversion kit allows for angle adjustment of the saddle carriage assembly and contains components and tools including a digital indicator, operator manual with angle tables.

Conversion Kits
Internal Mount Machine ModelPart No of kit required
MM610i MM610i-CFM
MM860i MM860i-CFM
MM1000i MM1000i-CFM
MM1500i MM1500i-CFM
MM2000i MM2000i-CFM
External Mount Machine Model Part No of kit required
MM300e MM300e-CFM
MM600e MM600e-CFM

Complete machines for compact flange machining

Suitable when regularly carrying out machining operations to compact flanges.

Machine Min Facing Diameter Max Facing Diameter
Internally Mounted Machines
MM860i--CF 6" (153mm) 34" (864mm)
MM1000i-CF6" (153mm) 38.6" (1000mm)
MM1500i-CF12" (305mm) 60" (1525mm)
MM2000i-CF 24" (610mm)80" (2032mm)
Externally Mounted Machines
MM300-CF 0" (0mm) 12" (305mm)
MM600e-CF 0" (0mm) 24"(610mm)

Technical Specifications

Products allow precise and quick set up of required angles, with geared feeds for required surface finish. For further details please refer to the technical datasheet.