MM200E (0-8") Flange Facing Machine

An externally mounted flange facing machine for all types of flange facing, seal groove machining, weld preparation and counter boring.

Facing Range: 0.0 - 8.0" Clamping Range: 3 - 8.25"


  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for restricted access
  • Geared continuous groove facing feeds
  • Swivel tool post for groove machining

Technical Specifications

Minimum facing diameter 0mm 0”
Maximum facing diameter 203mm 8”
Minimum clamping diameter 90mm 3.54”
Maximum clamping diameter 213mm 8.39"
Max R.P.M 40
Tool post travel 25mm 1"
Drive – Pneumatic @ 6 bar (90 p.s.i) 0.8 hp 1.1 hp
Air supply required 1.42 m3/m 50 scfm
Feed Rates
Facing feeds (1.75mm feed screw) 0.52mm 0.020"
Facing feeds (optional) (1.25mm feed screw) 0.37mm 0.014"
Facing feeds (optional)(1.0mm feed screw) 0.29mm 0.011"
Machine Weight
Machine weight 23 Kgs 50 Lbs
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Shipping weight 45 Kgs (99lbs)
Shipping dimensions L – 82cm – (32”) W- 57cm (23”) H- 39cm (15”)

The machine is supplied complete with toolkit including tools and inserts, air filter lubricator and hose connection, all required mounting bases and extensions, storage / shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.