MHT8-24 (8 - 24") Hot Tapping Machine

A hot tapping machine used to make connections and branches to pipelines without shut down either surface or sub sea. The Mirage MHT8-24 is designed for ease of use with 1 (or optional 4) speed fixed feed gearbox, measuring rod and either pneumatic or hydraulic helical geared drive.

Size Range: 8.0 - 24.0" Stroke: 0.0 - 80.0" Pressure Rating: 0.0 - 1480.0psi


  • Helical geared drive
  • 1 speed feed gearbox (4 speed optional)
  • 8 - 24" cutter holders included
  • Industry standard connection flanges

Technical Specifications

Minimum Tapping Hole Diameter 203mm8"
Maximum Tapping Hole Diameter610mm24"
Maximum Operating Pressure100 bar 1450psi
Maximum Operating Temperature (continuous)200 degC 390 degF
Cutting Stroke2032mm80"
Boring Bar Diameter101.6mm4"
Cutter R.P.M range5 - 40
Drive Motor Output (Max power at 160 bar & 125L/min)26.1kw 35Hp
Hydraulic Supply Required for max power125 L/min 33Gal/min
Feed Rates
Hand feed (Feed / revolution) 8.46mm 0.333”
Auto Feed rate 0.076mm0.333"
Manual Feed rate 8.46mm/rev0.333"/rev
Machine Weight
Machine weight 1110 kgs 2442 lbs
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Shipping weight 1250 Kgs (2750 lbs)
Shipping dimensions L – 378cm – (149”) W- 62cm (24”) H- 68cm (27”)

Supplied complete with machine, drive motor and air preparation where required, lifting brackets, cutter holders, connection hoses, valve and pressure gauge, toolkit, mounting studs, nuts and RTJ soft iron ring, #600 RTJ connection spool, packing list, manual and certification.