LMR1000 (40”) Linear Milling Machine

A milling rail that is built for rigidity yet with lightweight aluminium rail, giving a 2 axis milling machine for all general purpose in-situ milling, but primarily designed for use on heat exchangers.

This machine can also be utilised on pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, in ship building and on turbine split lines, along with its ability to be mounted to the Mirage gantry rail kit.


  • Precision lightweight construction
  • Optional heat exchanger mount kit
  • Hand & Auto feed to main axis
  • ISO 30 spindle accepts standard tooling
  • Mounts directly to our gantry mill

Technical Specifications

Maximum Cutter Diameter 102mm 4”
Maximum Quill Spindle Down Feed 80mm 3.15”
Drive - Pneumatic 4.0 Hp 3.0 Kw
Drive - Hydraulic 5.0 Hp 3.7 Kw
Spindle R.P.M - (motor dependent) Min: 50 Max: 640
Feed - Pneumatic @ 90 p.s.i (6 bar) 1.5 Hp 1.11 Kw
Feed - Hydraulic 2.2. Hp 1.64 Kw
Hydraulic Supply @ 1050 p.s.i (70 bar) 50 L/min 13 Gal/min
Air Consumption / Supply Required 98 s.c.f.m 2.69 m3/m

The machine is supplied complete with toolkit including air filter lubricator and hose connection (when required), all required bolts and storage / shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.