GeniSYS IV  3 Axis Milling Machine

The Mirage geniSYS™ IV is a highly portable 3-axis CNC milling machine.

It is designed for the accurate removal of cracked or broken studs up to 11” diameter and for the precise refurbishment of damaged threads. This is achieved without the need for manually controlled drilling or metal disintegration techniques. Typical examples include manway covers and  reactor studs

The motion control command center provides the ultimate in performance monitoring and technician safety.


  • CNC controlled: Motion control software provides detailed real-time feedback on tool positioning and machine operation.
  • Designed to bore and thread hole diameters ranging from 22.2mm – 279.4mm (0.875” – 11”).
  • Hole depths up to 384mm (15.12”).
  • High tolerance profile rails produce consistent results.
  • All three axes utilize precision ground ball screws, providing precise movement of the milling head.
  • Accurate and repeatable machining.
  • A cold cutting operation.
  • Ejects chips during operation.
  • Single machine capable of both drilling and threading.

Download Datasheet (A4 Size)

Download Datasheet (US Letter Size)

Technical Specifications

Min Hole Diameter 22.2mm 0.875”
Maximum Hole Diameter 279.4mm 11"
Maximum Hole Depth 384mm 15.12”
Maximum X-axis Travel 203.2mm 8"
Maximum Y-axis Travel 203.2mm 8
Maximum z-axis Travel 431.8mm17"
Spindle Speed 3000 RPM
Spindle Motor 5kw 6.7hp
Machine Weight
Machine weight 499 kgs 1100 lbs
Power Supply and Control Cabinet120kg265lb
Dimensionsbase length Base Width Total Height
geniSYS machine 604.5mm (23.8")482.6mm (19")1311mm (51.6")
Power Supply and Motion Control Cabinet883.9mm (34.8")624.8mm (24.6")1013.5mm (120.2")

The machine is supplied complete with the Control System, Laptop, Motor and Cables, Storage / Shipping Boxes, and an Operators Manual