OM8000 (138 - 315") Orbital Milling Machine

Unique concept for machining of large diameter flanges which provides fast material removal with high overall flatness accuracy. Specifically developed for machining large crane pedestals and hydroelectric repairs as well as being used in the ship building industry.


  • Precision preloaded drive bearing
  • Adjustable fast set hydraulic chuck
  • Anti back lash drive for vertical machining
  • Precision build for flange flatness tolerances

Technical Specifications

Minimum facing diameter 3500mm 138"
Maximum facing diameter 8000mm 315”
Minimum clamping diameter 3500mm 138"
Maximum clamping diameter 6985mm 275"
R.P.M – Min: 0 Max: 5
Spindle travel 80mm 3.15"
Surface speeds 0 - 1 m/min 0 - 3.5 ft/min
Milling Spindle - hydraulic 5.0 Hp 3.7 Kw
Drive – hydraulic @ 70 bar (1050 p.s.i) 10.0 Hp 7.4 Kw
Hydraulic supply required 60 L/min 16 gal/min
Feed Rates
Facing feed 400 mm/min 16" / minn
Machine Weight
Machine weight 3500 kgs 7700 lbs
Shipping Weights & Dimensions
Shipping weight 8950 Kgs (19690 lbs)
Shipping dimensions drive L - 300cm (119”) W- 228cm (89”) H- 92cm (36”)
Shipping dimensions base L - 321cm (126") W - 227cm (89") H - 236cm (93")

The machine is supplied complete with drive ring, drive motors and reduction gearbox, facing feed /direction gearbox and pick up gearbox, Milling facing arm and 90mm column spindle, internal chuck base assembly, jaw blocks and 8 of clamping jaws - 4 off which are adjustable, toolkit, hose kit and centre distributor, all required bolts and storage / shipping box, CE certificate, Packing list and Manual. Optional– Production quick install hydraulic chuck, hydraulic trolley power pack.