Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw

The Mirage Subsea Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw (DWS) is a subsea cutting solution designed for deployment in deepwater and used for cutting pipelines, multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellheads. Equipped with two modular buoyancy modules, the Deepwater DWS is rated up to 10,000ft (3,000m) of water depth. The Deepwater DWS is ideal for quickly cutting through dissimilar materials, resisting compressive forces and in a variety of subsea environments.

Deepwater Diamond Wire Saw Features:

  • Four models capable of cutting 6” to 80” pipe
  • Hydraulic clamping and auto feed capability
  • Diver and ROV compatible
  • High strength aluminum frame
  • Powerful hydraulic drive

Technical Specifications

Model Cutting Capacity Feed stroke
DW-DWS-620 6-20" 26"
DW-DWS-1638 16-38" 44"
DWDWS-3660 36-60" 66"
DWDWS-6084 56-80" 90"