Adjustable Rigid Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT)

With the technology on current ROVs and their thrusters, hydraulically powered actuators on flying lead orientation tools are no longer necessary to make a proper connection. Mirage Subsea's Adjustable Rigid Flying Orientation Tool (FLOT) is an adjustable bracket which reduces weight and cost compared to tradition FLOT brackets.  The FLOT features a variable mounting bracket with adjustable  extension between 19.63" and 43.63" allowing the ROV pilot to position the tool at the optimal distance away from the ROV for various subsea operations.

Adjustable Rigid FLOT Features:

  • Compatible with Class 1 - 4 torque tools
  • Adjustable extension between 19.63” and 43.63
  • High strength aluminum frame
  • Lightweight, compact design

Technical Specifications