Specialized Subsea Tooling

Our specialized subsea tooling division can provide engineered solutions for divers or ROVs performing installation, IMR and decommissioning operations. We provide design, manufacturing, assembly and testing on all of our tooling. Our turnkey approach allows for rapid response to meet customers’ immediate needs.


Product Challenge Solution Time to Delivery
Block and Bleed System for Wellhead Testing

A client needed to perform leak testing on a subsea wellhead using an ROV and high pressure injection dye. MSi engineered, designed, manufactured and tested a high pressure block and bleed system compatible with an ROV. The system was rated for high pressure (10,000psi) and included a hot stab and control panel. 6 weeks
Chemical Injection Valve Latch Lock Removal Tool

A subsea tree equipped with a latch lock removal system on a chemical injection valve had a mechanical failure on the fastener. The failure made standard removal of the valve impossible. Designed and manufactured three innovative contingency solutions that allowed an ROV to remove the valve despite the failed fastener. During product development we created another tool allowing the ROV to remove a Class 4 torque bucket. 10 days
Flowline Flushing Tool

Flowline at 5,000 ft water depth required flushing prior to being recovered to the surface. Using readily and commercially available components, Mirage Subsea designed and delivered a flowline flushing tool. The system included a flow-through isolation bladder and an ROV operable subsea water pump. 7 days
Pipeline Pig Cage

A client required a customized pipeline pig catcher to perform various maintenance functions on a pipeline. We designed and manufactured the pig catcher at a low cost solution. 12 days
Pipeline Pig Latch Engagement Pin

Client designed an 8" pipeline pig receiver without a contingency to prevent movement of the pig once retrieved. Designed, manufactured and installed a latch engagement pin which stopped the movement of the pig. The tool was installed subsea without removal of the existing equipment. 6 days
ROV Chain Hoist

During recovery of a flowline, a ROV operated chain hoist was required to support up to 5 kips (2 Te). Procured and marinised a land-based chain hoist for ROV use including the design and integration of ROV compliant handles. 5 days
ROV hardline cutter brackets

A client required multiple solutions to mount a 4” hardline cutting tool to a work-class ROV. Working in conjunction with our sister company, Seatronics, we designed, manufactured and delivered a ROV mounted frame and ROV Manipulator frame for the hardline cutter. 7 days
Suction Pile Plug (Build and Testing)

A client required vacuum testing on a suction pile butterfly valve and plugs prior to offshore installation. Designed and fabricated a new suction pile plug, refurbished suction pile valve and existing plug, designed a vacuum test system and conducted a vacuum test to verify valve and plug functionality. 4 days
Toe Jack

Client was installing a PLET (pipeline end termination unit) equipped with a hinged and pinned mudmat. The mudmat pin was jammed and unable to be removed by ROV resulting in the PLET being slanted. MSi designed and delivered a hydraulically operated toe jack with a 6” stroke and lifting capacity of 120 kips (55 Te) to lift the PLET and remove the mudmat pin. 4 days